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(Required). Fields with their First and Last Names must match their official identification
(Required). You must select ONE of the main Classic Categories.
(Optional). (All Special Memberships announced are subject to the approval of the Unified Directors Board and only ONE is allowed per Member.) If you wish, more than one Special Membership describe which, in item 8. OTHER.
(Required) From these areas you can only select One, but with which you are Responsible. If you require or consider that you can attend, more than one category describe which, in item 8. OTHERS.
These areas are Optional, (but extremely necessary) If you can help in any of them, please mark it. If you can in more than one describes which, in item 8. OTHER.
These areas are Optional, (but extremely necessary) If you can help in any of them, please mark it. If you can in more than one describes which, in item 8. OTHER.
(Optional) Describe here, separated by commas, each of the above points, or others where you want it to be included. Please enter the number and name of what interests you. (as in the texts shown. Thank you.)
(Required). Place your Country of Birth first, then the Country of Current Residence.
If you do not identify with "Man or Woman", use the "Custom" field. This is an optional field.
(Optional). The data that you enter in this form are protected by our Personal Data Protection Policies.
(Required). It must be the same as it appears on your Official Identification.
(Required). Make sure that all the information is correct, so that, in case of sending postal correspondence to your address, it arrives correctly. Post Boxes or Post Office Boxes are not accepted.
+ (Country Code) + Number. (Optional).
+ (Country Code) + Number. (Required) (Optional) (Optional) (Optional)
(Optional). The Contact is very important since 2020, for the Unified Directors Board. We will try to have more contact with all Members. This field only supports numbers.
(Required). What is your current profession? o In what area do you work?
(Required). This field is vital to know your motivations... this will allow us to guide you to the correct Membership.
(Optional). If you have Comments or "Suggestions" you will be welcome. Thanks for your time!
(Required). If you did not receive an invitation. just write "NO" or "NO ONE". You can join without invitation!
First and Last Names must match your Official Identification. The Date in dd/mm/yyyy format will be the date of your membership. It is important!
(Required) Without the Express Consent of Providing Your Personal Data, we will not be able to process your Affiliation and Registration.
(Required) Personal Data will never be transferred outside the same Organization, there is a "Privacy Committee" that will ensure that your data is protected
(Required). It will be grounds for Rejection: Former Members with a history of illegal acts, Breaches of the Rules, Discrimination, People or Entities that were Banned from the Organization. Provide False Data. (See the Policy at the footer of this website).

NOTE: After sending your Registration, you will be directed to the page where you can view and download the Documents to Send. Thanks.

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