From Here you can Apply for ICSAN® Certification

Can all Acupuncture and Naturopathy professionals apply to ICSAN®?

To apply for the ICSAN® Certification, whether for Acupuncture, Homeopathy or Naturopathy, it is essential to be a Member of one of the areas of the “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales ASFI®”, or “Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®”, or “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras – World Humanitarian Organization ASFWHO®”, or “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean ASFLAT®”, or “Federación Internacional de Acupuntores Sin Fronteras y Sociedades de Acupuntura FEDASF®”, or “International Federation of Acupuncturists Without Borders & Acupuncture Societies IFAWBAS®”, or the NAHSFI® sub-area “Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders International”. All are candidates to apply for the ICSAN® Council Certification.

Now, in the Principles and Fundamentals of the Organization, in its Rules and Regulations for inclusion, it announces: “That the Professionals of Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Naturopathy will seek Standardization and Safety, in the Quality they provide,” all professionals of these Medicines can be applied through two actions:

1). By registering as Members obtaining a significant discount. 2).- Any Professional may access the ICSAN® Verification, even if they are “not a Member”, but who make the corresponding donation payment, for the tests, exams and delivery of works without initial discount, or in the renewals. (Unless, you register as a Member of the Organization by ASFLAT®, ASFI®-AWBIS®, ASFWHO® or FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®.

The Rules and Regulations, which govern us, “prevent access to Professionals from being blocked, or from being discriminated against for any cause, motive or reason”.

Therefore, any Professional who demonstrates their Qualifications can apply for the ICSAN® Council Certification, whether or not they are a Member of this Organization.

Note: Within “ICSAN®” are included Professionals or Practitioners, Graduates in Homeopathy, who have NOT studied Homeopathic Medicine, in an Official or Regulated Entity. In all cases, you must send the Documentation that supports (valid or not, in your country) the knowledge in the matter. If you are going to Apply for ICSAN® Certification as a Homeopath, select the “ICSAN® for Homeopathy” box.

Note 2: In ICSAN® for Acupuncturists, all variants of Traditional Oriental Medicine are valid. In ICSAN® for Naturopaths, all variants of Naturopathy are valid.

Form to Apply for ICSAN® Certification of ASFLAT®

Once the form has been sent, we will send you the link so that you can make the Donation corresponding to the chosen category. Thank you. We recommend that you have your MEMBER NUMBER AT HAND.
(Required) Formats: XX-000000-ASFI, XX-00000-WHO, XX-000000-AWBI. You can find it on the front of your Credential.
(Required) you can only select one of the three options
(Required). For the box you select, you must submit the supporting documents. (Qualifications).
(Required) If you are a member, most of your qualifications already have them, if you have taken something new you can add it.
The data you provide through this form will be treated by: Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales ASFI® AC as responsible for this website, subject to the laws of the country on protection of personal data held by individuals. The purpose: to Apply for the ICSAN® Certification. All data that you transmit to us will be stored and protected on the servers of G Suite (Google), in the US, outside the EU. Even so, you can exercise your Rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation and Deletion of data, by sending an email to privacy @ asfwho. org. You can consult the complete and detailed information on privacy in our Privacy Policy .
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