Be a Member of Acupuncturists Without Borders Latin America ASFLAT®, part of AWBIS®, ASFWHO® International

The advantages of being a Member of ASFLAT®, part of ASFI®-AWBIS® or some of its areas, is that you will be recognized in any part of the world where we have a presence, just by showing your credential!

Today, it may be the opportunity to give something of yourself for others.

Today, it may be the day when you are part of a multidisciplinary global NGO, as a professional, or not, each person brings their skills and abilities to make our Latin America and the Caribbean a better place for everyone…

What if one of your Dreams is to help make each day a better day? Become a Member of ASFLAT® and ASFI®-AWBIS®



Being a Member can be all the difference, in your life as in that of others, your contribution of skills and knowledge make a difference. ASFLAT® will support you at all times, and by being a Member you will always have incentives, benefits and international participation. We want to say “Welcome”


If You Can! There is a space and a place for everyone who wants to “Helping to Help”

Anyone, even without a profession, can help and also benefit

Those who already practice and practice Traditional Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture-Moxibustion, and variants, Auriculotherapy’s, Auricular Acupuncturists, Therapists, Professionals, MD, Physicians Specialists in Traditional Oriental, Naturopathic and Natural Medicines, Nurses, Naturopaths and Homeopaths, Massage Therapists. Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Counselors, Psychologists, Health Coaching, Health Promoters, Secretariat, General Collaborators to learn, for Assistance, Accounting.

Students, who wish to help in the management of Social Networks, Graphic Designers, and in general, of any profession, or none.

Be a Member of Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America ASFLAT®-AWBIS®

To be a Member of ASFLAT®-AWBIS® Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, all People, with or without training in the area of health, can take part. Institutions and Centers of TCM are eligible to be Members.

All hands are necessary and can help!

You can be part of Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean and Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, ASFLAT®-AWBIS®

Who can be part of ASFLAT® Latin America and the Caribbean?

Collaborating Members, with or without profession

People with basic knowledge in any therapy, profession, and skills, and they are 50% of our forces and greatest support in low and high impact campaigns. We provide Collaborators with training in their areas, so they can make a difference.

Traditional Oriental Medicine – Acupuncture in all variations

Doctors, Therapists, and Professionals with knowledge in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture-Moxibustion, are the “Operating Base” of Acupuncturists Without Borders International, without them, we would not Be Who We Are, nor would We Do, Everything We Do.

Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine

Professionals with knowledge in Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Phytomedicine, Homeopathic Medicine, and who are also an important Base of the NAHSFI® Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders area. Without them the workload would be much higher.

Auriculotherapists and Auricular Acupuncturists

Professionals who practice Auriculotherapy without needles, such as Auricular Acupuncturists, (with needles), are of great “beneficence” in post trauma imbalances. They are the ones who apply special protocols of ASFLAT® Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths

Important is the contribution made by the Members of AMASFI® “Association of Physical Manipulators of Acupuncturists Without Borders” in many cases, necessary the help of Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitators and Physical Rehabilitators and Kinesiologists, with experience.

Counselors, Social Work Psychology, Coaching

It is the Counselors, Psychologists and Health Coaches, (among other disciplines) who give us support, for Traumatic Eventualities, where Stress, Anxiety, Nerves, Anguish and even Psychosis, are the ones that most alter to all beings, and to volunteering in low or high impact campaigns, being very useful.

People who handle social networks web design etc.

Volunteering that makes use and management of social networks, reporting what we are and do, so that we are more visible in the activities we carry out, they are the absolute managers of the information transmitted.

Administrative assistant of organizations and accounting

Auxiliary people who have knowledge of NGO Management, are the ones who guide us, and those people who know the areas of accounting and administration, are very helpful and make our accounts even clearer.

Assistance assistants or general secretariats

Anyone who is interested in Assistance, or the Secretariat, can help, we have free online courses for Members who want to help in these much-needed areas, answering the phone, email, newsletters, giving information, etc.

Would it help us with a Donation?

You can donate for specific causes, or in whatever amount you want. Any help will be welcome. Donate!, Many people will appreciate it. Thank you!

Follow-up of Guidelines and Standards

Each and every one of the Members in every category of: “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacional” ASFI®, “Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society” AWBIS®, “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras – World Humanitarian Organization” ASFWHO®, “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean”, ASFLAT® and the” International Federation of Acupuncturists Without International Borders and Acupuncture Societies”, IFAWBAS® International, We follow the Guidelines and Regulations. The ones that guide us in each work carried out day by day. It is the way to standardize the conduct, with which we must lead the Organization. Today Unified, a single Standard and Regulation is used for each Member in any category, and that belongs to our Great Organization. It is Our duty as Members, to know the Guidelines, Regulations, Codes of Ethics and follow them. The Rules give us equality and Protection to all Members.

You can Request them

You can Register and Affiliate for Free to ASFLAT® and AWBIS® from here

Join now! the Membership is Free from May 2020, forever!

Register or Renew, and be part of Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Latin America ASFLAT®-AWBIS®

Are There Differences Between Members Of The Different Centrals? For example from: ASFI®-AWBIS®, ASFLAT®, ASFWHO® and FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®

No, there are no differences, but there is an exclusion. When you Register, you start as a Member of ASFI®AWBIS®, ASFLAT® or ASFWHO® (depending on your Country of Origin) and in any of its areas and subareas, (with the only exclusion being the International FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®), that has requirements to “Be a Federated Member” or “Member of the Federation”.

However, by being a Member of ASFLAT® Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean or, in Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®, or Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacional ASFI®, You will be “Part” of the 4 Centers that Were Unified, including the FEDASF® International, who will closely monitor its activity, and at one time as a Member could “Federation”.

Now, the differences, (they do not have discriminatory purposes), the Members that belong to the FEDASF®IFAWBAS®, were (and continue to be) Members of any of the Centrals that were dispersed.

Their trajectory is taken into account as part of the volunteering that “They won by Permanence”, or carried out the “Verification of Knowledge”, after their 5 years of uninterrupted permanence, or “By the Actions, Joint Performed”.

Or “for the Expansion that they could have achieved, in the Organization at a regional or global level, and visible actions on behalf of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society”, therefore, it is considered a Merit and Honor to be part of the International Federation. (without having to renounce the Membership that you may have).

But, “the entry key to FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®is the Membership to: ASFLAT®, ASFI®-AWBIS®, or in ASFWHO®

“Being part of any of these Centrals and taking actions”, is that you can reach the Membership of: FEDASF® International. To the Reader or Member here, we inform you that being “Federated” is not new, the category of “Federated” was established in 1974, (which you can see on our timeline under “History”). In this link on the Main website of www.AcupuntoresSinFronteras.Org

Being a Member of: ASFLAT® “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean” or of, AWBIS® “Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society” or ASFI® “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internationales”, is just as important as being part of: ASFWHO® “Acupuncturists Sin Fronteras – World Humanitarian Organization”, (in any of its four languages). The real difference is that they change: territories, languages, some dependency, and in some legal aspects of the Organization, which do not influence the correct development of AWBIS®-ASFI®, since each part forms a Unit, with a Unified Directors Board, or UDB™, which is the unification of each Central in the world.

Even if you are a Member of any of the 4 Centrals, including the subareas that depend on any central, you will always be part of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society ASFI®AWBIS®.

The names of the Unified Centrals, do not create any difference in the people, all the Volunteer Members, we belong to AWBIS®-ASFI®, equally. We can carry out the same voluntary actions, to help, to contribute ideas, to vote, to request, and to participate in any campaign, or in training that any of them can do, independently, or in conjunction with other Educational Organizations. Always be part of AWBIS®ASFI®, and all are governed by the same Standards, Regulations and Code of Ethics. Therefore, once again, to speak of any of the Centrals or Sub Centrals is to speak of: Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI®.

There are also Categories for Schools, Institutes, Academies, Training Centers, since the end of 2019, the Agreements that existed until that date were Repealed, to Formalize the New Agreements or Contracts.

Apart from the Standard, today the Organization is opened so that they can Formalize Affiliations and Agreements with ASFLAT®, ASFI®AWBIS® and ASFWHO®, to any Entity, which at the time could not enter, or was prevented by any cause or reason.

To the Entities, with the New Agreements and Contracts, we can provide: Exchange, Certificates, Endorsements, Sponsorships, Approvals, Advertising, and be on the list of Educational Centers. You will find information on this Website.

Join now! the Membership is Free from May 2020, forever!

Register or Renew, and be part of Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Latin America ASFLAT®-AWBIS®

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