Unification of the Centrals of Acupuncturists Without Borders International

Unification, creation and Centralization of the Unified Directors Board

The Unification of the Centrals today a permanent reality. Most of the Directors of the Unified Director Board are, or reside in different countries, and perform different functions. From each place, a great network extends, almost reaching the entire planet.

Since 2020, and 52 years after the separation of the first Foundation of the Acupuncture Without Borders, we intend to start a new and fruitful stage where ASFLAT® today has a fundamental role in Latin America and the Caribbean, together with ASFI®- AWBIS®, ASFWHO® and the FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s see in parts. Who makes up the Unification?

The Unification is made up of the four main Centrals, these are: Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales ASFI® A.C a Non-profit organization, and is the strategic nucleus, together with FEDASF®, of the others. ASFI®-AWBIS® (both as one), ASFWHO® in different languages, but always keep the first three letters in Spanish, in any of the official languages of the Organization, and the International FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, (both as one) and today already annexed, ASFLAT® in different languages. Each and every one is an integral part of Acupuncturists Without Borders International ASFI®-AWBIS®. As an indivisible unit.

Brief history

Since the first foundation in 1951, ASFI® was created, as a Central (which is a single Central, in several languages) ASFI®-AWBIS®, for internationalization issues, and that there would be no confusion with organizations with similar acronyms, it is AWBIS® is registered for the English language.

When it was conceived and happened, the rupture of the first generation (today extinct); other Centrals were born, and the acronyms and names changed.

In the first foundation, an agreement was not reached on the creation of FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, and ASFWHO®, considered “unnecessary divisions“, but the majority of Members (who were waiting for a second foundation), if they They believed necessary, since then when the second foundation was created, to date, these Centrals, demonstrated their great utility in the areas they work and in which they dominate.

The FEDASF® and ASFWHO® areas were born and created, both in 1966-1967.

Since its foundation, ASFI®-AWBIS® was the Organizational entity that welcomed the other Centrals.

Today unified, each one responds to the same Norms, Regulations and Ethical Codes; but even so, each Central was allowed to retain something of its old semi-autonomy, always with the positive vote of the Unified Directors Board, for its action.

The difference, which may confuse some, is that each Central did not lose its name or initials (or obligations), but they all respond to the Unified Directors Board. Those acronyms and names are part of our identity, that is why a fusion of all of them was not made into one. They are all one, that you have to begin to understand.

Each of the Centrals have many roles in common, and others, which are specific to them, within the Organization. The Directors of the four Centrals are part of the Unified Directors Board, they are the ones who propose, change, annex, or repeal each new provision, as well as the path that the Organization must follow.

Unified Directors Board - Verification Committee

The Unified Directors Board, UDB™, among other things, is in charge of the Verification of those Members, with certain seniority, could, if they consider it, be part of the Unified Directors Board, or “Federate” them belonging to a different area, with more power of action, without having to abandon the current Membership that you have, or the positions. 

A Federated Member is a Member that is one step away from being part of the “Regional Board, or Intermediate Committee” of the Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFLAT® in Latin America.

Foundation of Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Latin America & Caribbean ASFLAT®

ASFLAT® was born in 1973, with the first establishment of the ASFI®-AWBIS® Central in America. It is and was, the First Representation of the Organization. A profound change from the old continent, to the “new continent”.

His first and great task accomplished by ASFLAT®, together with ASFI®, was the Inclusion of all Acupuncture and TCM professionals, Physicians and Non-Medical Practitioners. (something that in the old continent had not been possible, and until today in many countries this Ancestral and Natural Medicine has not been achieved exclusively for Doctors).

In order for Members and readers to better understand the reasons why ASFLAT® was created, we will look at some interesting details.

Before the ASFLAT® Unification in America, it managed to include the Practitioners of Oriental Medicine (Non-Doctors), and many doctors as well, a desire that had not been possible in the old continent, and partially achieved in Asia and Oceania. No other Central achieved this objective.

Since it was created, she was Responsible for Volunteering in Latin America and the Caribbean, among others. ASFLAT® and AWBIS®, created Campaigns, and was responsible for making each Headquarters work, in each country of the continent, where we were just beginning with our presence.

ASFLAT® tried to unify each and every one of the Latin American Members; according to the Rules and Regulations, but Latin America is difficult, and has many nuances and contrasts.

Many efforts were made so that ASFLAT® achieve this objective, which it did not achieve alone, it needed the help of other Centrals, to partially achieve the objectives proposed in the Standards, Regulations, and the Resolutions that ASFI®-AWBIS® took, regarding to the functions and organizational structure.

These actions had always been “the exclusive responsibility of ASFLAT®”, but it was gradually being displaced, by ASFI®-AWBIS®, ASFWHO®, and even by the FEDASF® Federation, until almost the point of extinction.

The main reason was that other Centrals in different countries, we do not know very well why.

We believe that it was due to their respective autonomies from the Centrals already installed in Latin America, they made their own decisions. What we also “assume” caused conflicts between Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Latin America, and the international movements of the other Centrals, such as ASFI®-AWBIS®, a Central to which many Members set their sights, added to the need for coordination between centrals, is that ASFLAT® almost ceased to exist. (but you have to understand that ASFLAT® is synonymous with ASFI®-AWBIS®).

Something that seems not to have been understood correctly, or we have not been able to explain to the Members of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Latin America, had always been semiautonomous (depending and being an extension of both the Federation that nucleated it and ASFI®) Many ASFLAT® Members, were changing with each renewal to ASFI®AWBIS®, leaving ASFLAT® even further.

Start of the Unification Process.

This is when a new and relevant ASFLAT® Reconditioning Chapter begins “or new stage. For some time now, some discrepancies between Centrals, their directors, along with “struggles and discrimination regarding the nationalities of the members”. So, in 2016 was the first call to “Unify the Centrals”, which had more availability of personnel and resources.

It is when it is decided to start the second stage, which was registered as “Test stage”.

Inclusion of ASFLAT® Directors in the UDB™

ASFLAT® added by votes some of its Directors to the UDB™ or “Unified Directors Board”. One of the important issues, beyond the global discrepancies, – which caused our activity to decrease a lot – was the economic problem. Unification being a way of reestablishing control, unnecessary expenses, contact, campaigns and help that has always characterized us.

The Unification also responded, to a substantial saving of the individual expenses of each of the Centrals, that although, they absorbed their expenses through their Directors and members, potentially everything wasted, could be used for material purchases, which in campaigns are so necessary.

2016 was a year of Unification Testing

It is in 2016 that the “Unification Test” begins, which was first with 2 Centrals, (FEDASF® and ASFWHO®), so to speak, poles apart in their obligations, but similar in campaigns. We saw that they began to work in the same direction, and with certainty we can say that very well, so two more were added, with the four Centrals operating as one, as a test.

A few months later, a great improvement began to be seen, especially in the internal communication of the Society; where the Directors began to function as a single team, from where they were Approved and Repealed: Resolutions, Norms, Regulations, Minutes, Listings, Representations, New Positions, etc., No Discrepancies! The feeling was fantastic.

It is in 2019 thanks to the success obtained, in the last Verification Meeting of Norms and Regulations, held in Montreal, Canada, that the test ends, and the Unification is completed with ASFLAT®, repealing all the projects –of very high costof create more centrals in Continental Blocks, which were only useful to separate and divide us further, so they no longer exist.

Definitive Unification and Centralization of the Unified Directors Board

The initial process, of integration and to achieve a single Unified Board of Directors, was in the plenary meeting in 2016, in Ireland, with the participation of Directors from Asia, Oceania, and North America.

The integration process towards a “Global Directive Unification” was complicated, but not impossible, so several modifications were made to the Rules and Regulations of 2014 and 2016 with multiple changes, rethinking and obsolete repeals.

One of the events of the meeting was the Abrogation of the old “Sub Centrals” that functioned as: “Continental Blocks”, but these Sub-Centrals of the Continental Blocks were not what was expected, nor did they exceed the expectations that they could be able to function by themselves. Reason why, by Resolution, they were Repealed; each and every one of them, by the end of 2019.

And it was in that same year, in the General Assembly of Verification of Norms and Regulations, held at the end of December of that same year, in Montreal, Canada, that it was ratified with the participation of the Directors of the different Centrals, voting they are Directors of the four Centrals, many rotating their positions; and once constituted and definitively approved, the Unified Directors Board, for the all centrals, is finally approved, which they called, abbreviated: UDB™ for English. JDU®, for Spanish, and CAU® for Portuguese, French and Italian. UDB™ being the most used acronym, to designate the “World Governing Board”.

Each Central that was “Autonomous” became “Semiautonomous”, not being able to make decisions without 50+1% approval from the UDB™, which promoted New Charges, for a better distribution of Organizational tasks.

A very important clarification we use the abbreviations: UDB™, JDU® and CAU®, which we repeat, are not Central, but rather synonyms or abbreviations (of the Centralized Government Board) that, in the different languages of the organization, refers to: “Unified Directors Board”in english, or “Junta Directiva Unificada” in spanish, or , “Conselho de Administração Unificado”, in Portuguese, or CAU® also for “Conseil d’Administration Unifié“, in French, and CAU® for “Consiglio di Amministrazione Unificato”, in Italian, the acronyms are used, for a simple matter of simplification in everyday writing.

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